Q2 Wi-Fi Radio
LED Carabineer Watch
Water Alarm (WA100)t
Super Bright Flash Light


  Q2 Wi-Fi Radio


  • Unique motion-control operation

  • No confusing or complex dials, displays, knobs, buttons or switches

  • Crystal-clear CD-quality audio

  • Search stations by location, genre or station ID

  • Works with fixed or mobile wi-fi

  • No subscriptions or additional fees

  • Just 4 inches square; weighs only 14 ounces


“Turn your favorites on”


The Q2 Radio is a totally new way to listen to your favorite local, national or international radio stations from wherever you are via a wi-fi Internet connection free of any subscriptions or fees.

With Q2 it’s easy to find your favorite hometown station, music from a place that reminds you of when you lived there, from another town, state or even another country. Q2 makes you feel like you’re right there with the people and places that are important to you 


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Water Alarm (WA-100)




• MCU Control

• Low Battery Chirp

• Alarm Buzzer Volume - 110 db/30cm

• Mountable Sensor – 5.9’ remote sensor built in

• Operates on (1) 9V battery


Use the WA-100-2 in any location in your home to prevent costly water damage! The Excalibur water alarm is small and discreet, using only one 9V battery that will power the unit for up to one year. Emitting a loud 100bd/30cm buzzer, the WA-100-2 can be heard throughout the house, even if the unit is placed in a basement. The Excalibur  water alarm even features a low-battery indicator. With no wiring and no assembly required, placing the original Excalibur WA-100-2 water alarm around your home is the simplest, and most cost effective way to avoid costly water damage.


 Set of 2. Made in CHINA. QVC Number V29193


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Super Bright Flash Light









  • Pro High-Impact Aluminum body


  • 12 High Intensity LED Bulbs


  • Braided Nylon Strap


  • 100,000 Hours of operation


  • 80,000 Millcandela Power Light


  • 3 AAA batteries included


  • 4 inches long x 1 inch round


  • Multiple Color available in Blue, Matt Black, and Silver



    QVC Number V24833

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    LED Carabineer Watch




    • Battery included


    • Water-resistant to 100 feet


    • 1 1/2’’W x 3’’L x 1/4’’D


    • 3 oz.• Zinc Alloy material.


    • The CMOS chip of the watch are imported from Japan.


    • Four Colors available R=Red, B=Blue, K=Black and S=Silver


    • Also available in 2Pack’s CW-100Sk (Black and Silver)

    and CW-100BR (Red and Blue)


  • Equipped with a powerful LED micro-light, this clever explorer’s

    watch has a built-in carabineer that clips right onto belt loops,

    packs, and more to keep both the time and a light source within

    instant reach as you travel. luminescent hands and hour markers

    provide visibility in all kinds of conditions.


    You can buy at www.QVC.Com

    QVC Number V28011

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